Gravity Review


Grab on tight if you wanna live.

Gravity is a science fiction thriller/drama stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as surviving astronauts of a damaged space shuttle.  They’re the only two actors physically appear in the film, and ultimately only Bullock’s character Dr. Ryan Stone for the majority of the film.  While it’s an interesting concept to see how an astronaut is going to survive in the zero gravity space with no force to move around, it’s a really bold attempt to have a film with such limited setting and characters for 90 minutes.

I though at least the movie will have flashbacks of the characters to fill the time, but that’s not the case.  The only other similar movie I can think of on top of my head is Buried starring Ryan Reynolds.  And just like that movie, Gravity does a wonderful job with its limited setting, and achieve a great tense of suspension most movies can’t.

The first thing I noticed when watching this film is how beautiful it is.  The cinematography is brilliantly done, and it spells a sense of peace when watching the film- until all hell breaks loose.  This is one of those rare films that I strongly suggest viewers to watch it in 3D.  You can’t help it, but being drawn into the gorgeous world director Alfonso Cuarón painted for you.  You lost yourself in a sense of harmony until bam!  Shit starting to hit the fan.  I remember there are moments I forgot I was watching a film, and shield myself from the falling debris- that’s how much the world drawn you into.


Bullock’s character is fairly likable and relatable from time to time.  Her backstory is interesting and sympathetic, so we care for her right away.  However, she can also be quite annoying from time to time.  I understand it’s hard to function under the situation, but can she please just grab onto something already?  I was really mad at the character, and even more furious when Clooney’s character sacrifice himself to save her life.  What’s the point letting a useless character like that live just, just so she can died by herself later?  Well, it turns out she’s not as useless as I thought she was.  She may perform poorly when under pressure, but when push comes to shove, the character knows what she’s doing.  At the end, I’m rooting for the character again, and glad she’s back on Earth safely.

The final scene when Bullock’s character is drowning in the ocean is greatly done.  It is symbolic and it reminds us that gravity is the main enemy of the film, and it comes in two forms.  The lack of gravity makes you float away, and too much gravity sinks you like an anchor.  What a perfect ending to a film about gravity.

One scene I have big problem is when Dr. Stone hallucinates Clooney’s character in the pot.  The scene feels unnecessary and it slows down the flow.  If the scene is omitted, the movie would be so much better.

Go watch Gravity if you haven’t yet.



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