One Piece Chapter 724 Review


Law’s Strategy

We’ve all guessed it for ages, but it’s finally confirmed!  Doflamingo’s ability is strings!  He ate the Ito Ito no Mi, or the string string fruit.  This chapter also explained how Doflamingo can use his strings to travel in the sky, by tying the strings to clouds.  This is too awesome.

There’s no surprise that Sanji’s weaker than Doflamingo, but I was ready to see more actions then that.  I know it’s hard to place just how strong the Straw Hat Crew is now after the time-skip, but Sanji can hold the ground more than that.  Also, Law’s ability is too much of a glitch.  It’s like playing a video game, and Law is the cheat code you just entered.  A bug in the system.  I remembered when I thought Robin’s ability was a bug, but it’s nothing compare to Law’s.  Teleportation, and amputation is just the tip of the iceberg what his ability can do, and I don’t understand how this guy can lose ever.

It turns out that Law holds a grudge against Doflamingo for something that happened 13 years ago, and his only reason to ally with Star Hat is to destroy the Smile Factory.  Law ends his alliance with Straw Hat now, but I don’t see Luffy agreeing this.  He’s going to make Law keeps the alliance when he finds out, I’m sure.

Another great chapter, and I’m glad to see Oda finding his grooves back.  Can’t wait for next week.



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