Batman #24 Review


Zero Year continues.

Bruce Wayne finally puts on his Batman suite for the first time in this issue, and sadly, the impact is not there at all.  While I understand Snyder doesn’t want to step too much into what Miller has set in Year One, but that ship has sailed already.  This is the Batman origin that matters now, and it should be more grand than what’s shown here.

The over-size issue seemingly comes to an end with the whole Red Hood Gang issue.  We all know that Red Hood One is actually The Joker, and it’s poetic that Batman’s first appearance is also the birth of The Joker.  In the pre-52 universe, while Batman is responsible for the birth of Joker, it’s not as direct as what’s shown here.  In a way, I kind of like this new history better, as it makes more sense now for Joker’s obsession for Batman.

Or Batman’s obsession for Joker.

Now Zero Year is entering a new chapter, Dark City, the origin journey is far from over.  Hopefully this is the story where Snyder mages to tell a tale of how Batman becomes the legend he’s supposed to be.  And hopefully we get to see the post-acid Red Hood One.



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