Forever Evil: Arkham War #1 Review


Classic Batman villains’ war begins!

A new mini series tie-in to the Forever Evil event, Forever Evil: Arkham War shows us what’s already set up in Bane and Scarecrow’s Villain Moth titles.  I didn’t bother reviewing either one of them, and it’s because they’re both stale and too straight forward to be intriguing.  Sadly, the issue is exactly like that- Bane leads an army from Santa Prisca, and he’s ready to take down Gotham City.  Meanwhile, Gotham is already divided by other villains, and  they’re not going to let Bane gets what he wants that easily.

Correct me if I’m wrong, so Bane thinks Gotham belongs to him and he wants it back?  And the reason he decides to take down Blackgate first is because he wants the Talons, right?  What makes him think the Talons will obey him?  Also, it’s hard to care about the story if the main character it’s a villain that I don’t feel sympathetic for.  Hopefully we’ll shift attention to someone else next issue that I will care more, otherwise I might have to drop the series.

It’s great that Professor Pyg is featured in this issue.  I really like the character, and he doesn’t have much chance to shine yet in New 52.  Or maybe DC just wants to promote the new Batman animate series.

I really hope this series picks up.



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