Superman/Wonder Woman #1 Review



The most powerful couple on the planet.

When I first heard of a Superman/Wonder Woman series, I didn’t have high hope.  Quite honestly, I thought it’s going to be a stupid series that focuses on the love between the two heroes.  It turns out, the book is everything but.

The series is a chance for these two heroes to have more chance to shine.  While Superman has many supporting series to tell more stories, this is the first Wonder Woman title series other than her own flagship title.  And heck, I’m not complaining for more opportunities to see Wonder Woman in actions, and what actions indeed!  Falling planes, explosions and Doomsday!  That’s everything you need for series featuring two of the strongest beings in the DC Universe.

The only thing missing is the chemistry between the two title characters.  In fact, it’s actually kind of awkward seeing the two together.  It doesn’t really hurt the book overall though, and the story is interesting enough that I’m willingly to keep the series on my pull list.



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  1. At present this is my favorite comic book, along with a Dark Horse series called simply X.



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