The Walking Dead #115 Review


All Out War begins now!

It’s finally here!  The highly anticipated Walking Dead event is finally here!  The event is said to be the most violent, and most transformative event ever in the history of Walking Dead.  It’s said to put the fateful encounter with The Governor to shame.  I can’t wait.

Even though the event official started with this issue, it’s mainly the preparation works we’ve been seeing since last issue.  We get to see Rick and Andrea, Michonne and Ezekiel, Rick putting his trust on Carl, and my personal highlight- Eugene agrees to mass produce the bullets.  Abraham’s death clearly does a number on him, and it’s great to see him stepping up.

Even though nothing shit hasn’t really hit the fan yet, the final page in this issue is kind of eventful.  If things continue this way, it’s possible that Rick’s is going to lose a lot of muscles.

Even though All Out War is supposed to be bi-weekly, it’s not actually happening until next week.  I can tell the story is going to have as begging for more quickly, and I can’t wait for bi-weekly to happen next month.



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