X-Men #6 Review


Battle of the Atom part 7 of 10.

Our present X-Men finds out that the future X-Men are not who they said they are, and all hell breaks loose.  The Jean Grey School is compromised, and all the key players are either knocked out or tied up.  Even Wolverine is bleeding to death now.

There’re some crazy revelations in this chapter, too.  The future Kitty turns out to be a blend between Wolverine and Mystique.  What the?  A clone like X-23 maybe?  I remember seeing future Kitty in the flashback, and I’m curious of what’s become of her now.

Another revelation is that the Iron Man looking dude from the future is actually Shogo, Jubilee’s son.  I was just wondering why the writer gives Jubilee so much spotlight in this issue, and it turns out there’s a great reason for it!  I’m impressed with Marvel putting this book here for the crossover, and being an X-Men issue, it justified having Jubilee the center of the attention.

I do have some problems with the background characters.  I remember not seeing future Quentin by the end of the previous chapter, but now I see him hanging around.  It’s no big deal, but I just hope they can do better with the consistency.  Overall, it’s a great chapter regardless.

It’s great seeing mommy Jubilee raising baby Shogo into a find young man.



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