Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “The Mutation Situation” Review


Things are more complicated than ever.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back for the second season, and things are not looking too well for the Turtles.  Not good at all.

The episode gives us a quick rundown of what happened at the previous season finale, and it goes straight to the main threat.  The Kraangs and Shredder are planning something that requires a big shipment of mutagens.  Well, it doesn’t matter what their plan was anymore now the canisters are scattered all more the city.  New mutants are born cause the result of this, and it’s easy to see that the Turtles are going to be busy fighting them for the rest of the season.

April’s dad is quite annoying.  He didn’t seem like such an annoying character at first, but I guess being abducted by the Kraangs really did a number on him.  Despite the annoyness, it’s really sad to see him turning into a giant bat monster though.  But heck, it does successfully make him a more interesting character.

However, I do find “Kirby Bat” kidnapping April kind of bizarre.  It seems like the writers just want to create some dramatic situation for the sake of it.  Also, the Turtles lying to Splinter about such important thing is kind of shortsighted.  Well, this does lead us a funny reaction with Splinter, and a funny Mikey as a bait.

Ending every sentences with Buzz Buzz?

There are some potential future toy releases in this episode though.  Donny’s T-Rocket is cool and all, but it’s Kraangs’ Yeti- like Biotroid that steals the spotlight.  It comes with nipple chainsaw and butt cannon!  How cool is that?  Release the figure already, Playmates Toys!


It seems like Shredder and Kraangs’ alliance comes to an end when Kraangs failed to deliver the mutagen canisters.  I’m curious to see what Shredder’s next move is, as well as Karai’s.  She hasn’t done anything yet since the shocking event in the season finale, so I’m looking forward to see what she’s going to do about that.

Also, she really needs an action figure.  Soon.

The ending has April leaving the Turtles after finding out it’s their fault that her father turned into a mutant.  It’s sad, but it’s not the important thing now.  The city is full of mutagens, and if the Turtles don’t do something quick, things will be too late.

Oh, and dramatic squirrel thing at the end is hilarious.



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