Things I Noticed From DC January 2014 Solicitations

DTC_Cv27 (1)

Things I noticed from January Solicitations.

  • Cyborg is fine again: It seems like Cyborg got a temporary body for himself.  It’s good new cause the kid deserved better than that.
  • Bane and Talon: It seems like there’s going to be a new dynamic duo in town!  Bane and a Talon named Cobb are going to be the hero that Gotham deserved?
  • Batman Celebration: We’ve already know that 2014 DC is going to celebrate Batman 75th anniversary, but this is the first time we heard of Gothtopia.  It’s unknown what exactly Gothopia is, but check out this awesome image:


  • Cancellation Titles: Now here’s a surprise: It turns out that DC cancelled both Vibe and Katana last month without letting us know, and they’re also cancelling The Green Team this month as well.  Once again, DC is further and further from 52.
  • Superman: Unchained Missing: It turns out Scott Snyder and Jim Lee needs more time to work on this month, so this series is skipping an issue this month.
  • Worlds Collide: Heroes on our main Earth already know the existence of different worlds, but it seems like it’s going to get more personal this time.  Batman and Superman are both going to find out the existence of Huntress and Power Girl from Earth 2.  Things are going to be wild.
  • A new Superboy: It turns out that the current Superboy is a clone of Superman’s son, and starting January the real son is going to star as the title role.  It might sound confusing and such, but this is how things are going to roll now.
  • Injustice is back: Well, that was quick.
  • Wonder Woman on A.R.G.U.S.: Check out the image:


So does that mean Wonder Woman survived Crime Syndicate’s attack somehow too?

  • Batman/Superman Families Collide: In Batman/Super Annual #1, both families are going to meet each others for the first time.  It seems like such a promising event, and I hope it works out just fine.

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