Justice League of America #8 Review


What happened to our heroes.

This issue we found out what happened to our hero after the final chapter of Trinity War, and it’s really disturbing.  Our heroes are trapped in some sort of mental prison, and they’re force to live with their darkness.  Wonder Woman cannot stop fighting, Simon Baz lives with isolation and prejudice, Shazam lives where violence has no consequences… etc.  The mental prison adopts to changes too, so our heroes are not escaping the place anytime soon.

For some reason, only Martian Manhunter and Stargirl are immune to the prison, and manage to escape from it.  This is great cause we don’t get to see a lot of these two characters yet in New 52, and this is a great opportunity for them to shine.

The issue gives us the answer we’ve been waiting for, but it doesn’t mean it’s anything shocking.  Well, maybe Flash’s mental prison where everything he does is in his head is kind of shocking, but the rest of the issue can be kind of slow.  Again, I’m glad at least we got an answer to what happened to our heroes.



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