Forever Evil: Rogues’ Rebellion #1 Review


The Rogues can be heroes too.

The new series Forever Evil: Rogues’ Rebellion picks up where The Flash #24.3 left off.  The Rouges went home to Central City and faced the aftermath of Grodd’s attack.  They’re not happy with what happened to their home, and they decide to stand by it when they’re needed.

I never think the Rogues are really villains.  In fact, they’re more troubled than evil really.  They’re just doing what they have to do to survive, and they don’t harm or kill innocents.  They powers they have are not about superhero or super villain, but it’s about score.  It’s interesting to note that they’re always on the other side of law- either good law or bad law.

The Rogues is always under the leadership of Captain Cold, but it seems like a problem now.  The team are not completely following his order, and Cold himself has to be nice to the team as well.  The way he’s been treating The Trickster, it’s only a matter of time he’s going to turn against him.  Be careful Captain Cold.

The issue ends with Deathstorm and Power Ring approaching The Rogues.  Don’t know how The Rouges are going to fight these two baddies, but it’s something I’m looking forward to.



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