The Walking Dead: 10 Comic Plots That’s Coming to TV Season 4 (POSSIBLY)


Spoilers ahoy!  

Season 4 of The Walking Dead just started, and it’s going off great!  Season 3 ends in a way that it seems like the show is going a completely different direction, but that’s the previous showrunner Geln Mazzara’s doing.  It seems like the new showrunner Scott Gimple is trying to move the direction back to how the comic series is, and it starts with cleaning off all the red shirts in the prison.

Now the question is, if the show is following comic book footsteps, then which plots are going to make it?  How “loyal” is the show going to be to the comic series?  Here are my thoughts of 10 (possible) comic plots that are coming to TV this season.

1. Tyreese loses love ones:


In the comic series, Tyreese comes to the prison with his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris.  Julie died when she and Chris agree to kill each others, and Tyreese is devastated by it.  He even has suicidal tendency because of it.  It’s pretty much confirmed already that the TV series is going to have similar plot when we see Tyreese reacting to someone dead in the prison.  Now the problem is who died?  The obvious answer would be Sasha, Tyreese’s sister.  However, it possible that Karen might be the one.  Heck, Tyreese lost both his family member and girlfriend in prison, so it’s possible both Sasha and Karen are going to die this season.

2. Rick losing his hand:


The Governor cut off Rick’s right hand in the comic series, and it seems like it’s going to happen in the TV series too thanks to this image:


Yeah, Rick’s actor Andrew Lincoln on the set with bandages on his right hand.  Kirkman once said that he regretted having Rick missing a hand, but it seems like he might have changed in mind already.



The Governor will definitely make a return this season.  In the comic, The Governor brings a whole army to the prison and everything goes to hell from there.  The Governor has been missing for 6, 7 months in the TV series already, and it’s possible that he’s forming an army to take down the prison- he has grudges against Rick and especially Michonne after all.  I can see this happening at the mid-season finale, and Rick will be forced to abandon the prison.

4. Baby Judith’s death:


This is going to be a tough one to read.  In the comic, Lori and Judith died when they’re running away from The Governor’s attack of the prison.  The bullet pierces though Lori, and kills Judith along with it.  It’s a very, very depressing scene, but I can see it happening.  Maybe not on-screen, but something implied or happened off-screen cause it’s too much for TV audiences.  Heck, it’s even too much for me reading it on comic too!  Also, I can see Beth being the one holding Judith in the TV version, since Lori is dead already.

5. Here we remain:


After the prison massacre, Rick’s group are traveling to find a new place to stay, and this is when they first meet Abraham, Eugene and Rosita.  It’s already confirmed that the trio are going to appear on TV, so it’s possible that The Governor is really going to wreck the prison, and Rick’s group will run into the trio while they’re out there looking for a new place.

6. Morgan finally joins Rick’s group:


Rick and Abraham will eventually go out to Rick’s hometown to get more guns and run into Morgan.  After some talking and convincing, Morgan will join Rick’s group.  The TV series already has a similar plot, but Morgan didn’t join Rick’s group.  It’s already confirmed that Morgan will make another appearance in season 4, so it’s possible that he will actually join Rick’s group this time.

7. Ben killing Billy:


It’s not important who’s killing who.  The important thing is that we have a small kid killing another one, because he believes the kid will come back to life.  This is very, very disturbing cause the kid loses all senses of realism in life, and killing is something seems normal to him now.  It’s a response to how screw up the kids will become growing up in this world.  Now we have so many kids running around the prison, I can see this plot happening to them.  It would be a plus, if the TV can have Carl killing the murderer kid as well.

8. The Hunters:


Another very disturbing plot, the Hunters are a group of people who hunts human and eat them.  In the comic series Dale (still alive) becomes their victim and has a leg eaten by them.  It’s actually a common plot to have cannibals running around in post-apocalypse stories, but the shocking part is what Rick’s group done when they got a hold of them.  This is perhaps one of the darkest thing Rick’s group has ever done, and it would be really interesting to see it happens in TV series.

9. Alexandria Safe-Zone:


Alexandria Safe-Zone is the ultimate haven where Rick’s group finds refuge.  There’s no sign at all that Alexandria Safe-Zone will appear this season, but if the TV plot goes according to what I predicated here, then there’s high possibility we’re going to see the safe-zone this season.

10. Oh, so many deaths:


Man, if the TV series follows the plot of the comic series, then most of the characters are going to die soon. Tyreese, Carol, Hershel, The Governor, Beth and heck, even Daryl is not safe.  The Walking Dead is one comic series that has the highest death rate, and quite frankly, I don’t want to see the same happening to the TV series.


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