Uncanny X-Men #13 Review


Battle of the Atom part 8 of 10.

The crossover event has been doing pretty well from time to time.  We recently just found out what’s the deal with our future X-Men, and all shit has hit the fan from there.  However, I don’t like it when Uncanny X-Men carries the story.  I remember the last time Battle of the Atom is on Uncanny X-Men, the story is boring, and we didn’t have much progress at all.  This issue might not be as bad as the previous one, but it’s still lack some elements.

The actions sequences are great and I especially love how Deadpool exits the comic.  It’s a bloodbath with many deaths on our villains’s side.  There’re even some interesting complications where the past X-Men cannot return to their time anymore.  However, none of these really paints a picture of why the villains are doing these.  The event is about to end in two more issues, and I really don’t think there are time to waste here.  If the writer is willing to spend more time developing our villains, then it can easily be a much better issue.

The event is about to end soon.  Hopefully the ending doesn’t disappoint.



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