10 Reasons Why Pokemon X & Y is the Best Generation Yet


Why we love Pokemon X & Y!

The newest generation of Pokemon games are here and we love it!  That’s why we decide to list all the reasons that make Pokemon X & Y the best generation yet.

1. Graphics


For the first time ever, the main Pokemon game is in a 3D environment.  It might not be the same kind of 3D environment we’re used to in console games, but it’s a clear improvement from what Pokemon games are used too.  Game Freak already played around with the graphics in generation 5, but this is the first time players can really loose themselves in a solid enviroment.

2. Mega Evolution


When I first heard about this, I thought it’s going to be something stupid, but it turns out to be one of the best addition to the game.  It gives your Pokemon an extra boost when your in a pinch, and let’s face it, the Pokemon looks really awesome after the Mega Evolution.

3.Fairy Type


A new type that really changes the type dynamics in the Pokemon battle systems.  Dragon Pokemon used to be the strongest with few weaknesses- only Dragon itself and Ice.  Now with Fairy type whose strong and immune against Dragons, Dragon type won’t stand a chance anymore.  Also, Sylveon is really cool.

4. Pokemon Amie


Finally, we can actually pet and interact with our favorite Pokemon.  It gives a feeling that these creatures are real, and they can gain affections by petting them and such.  There are mini games as well where you can play with your Pokemon.  Something to do when you’re having downtime in your gameplay.

5. Easily to get Starter Pokemon


Not only you can get Kalos Starters in this game, but you can also get Kanto Starters as well.  Not to mention that you can get not one, but two Kalos Starts in this game easily!  Once finishing Elite Four, Shauna will trade you the Starter Pokemon your Starter is strong against.  If you choose Chespin, than Froakie.  Fennekin, than Chespin.  Froakie, than Fennekin.  This is a very generous game.

6. Custom Player


For the first time ever, Pokemon game allows you to actually customize your player avatar.  Anything from skin color, hair color and eye color, your avatar will actually look like you for the very first time.  Not to mention numerous different outfits for you to choose from.  This is perhaps  the biggest change in player avatar since Game Freak introduced female character back in Pokemon Crystal.

7. Easier access menu


Now when you’re looking through your bag, there’s a small window of Pokemon next to it letting you know information such as if a Pokemon need to be healed, or if you’re able to teach it certain moves.  Pokemon selection also have “Restore” as an option to heal your Pokemon, and item registration can register up to 4 items now.  These are all just small improvement that makes Pokemon gameplay more convenient and accessible.

8. Battle Scenes

The battle scenes have really improved a lot too.  The sprites move limitedly in the previous games, but now the battle has come to life fully. The Pokemon moves accordingly to their moves such as ranged attacks or physically attacks.  Also, the background of the battles are more detailed than ever.  If Pokemon are fighting in the street, you can see buildings and such in the background too. These are all great additions that make the battles more realistic and fun.

9. So many Pokemon

The previous games tend to limit Pokemon appearances to Pokemon introduced in that generation, and with older gen Pokemon only appearing later in the game.  Pokemon X & Y have tons of older Pokemon appearing all over the game during appropriate places.  The frost have Caterpie, and the ocean have Goldeen.  If the location makes sense to have a certain Pokemon, then it will have it regardless of generation.  It might be because this generation has the least (69) new Pokemon, but it does successfully create a sense of greater Pokemon world.

10. Easy Pokemon Training

It’s easier than ever to train Pokemon in this game.  Exp. Share gives every single non-participate Pokemon experience points, and they’re super Training where you can increase your Pokemon EVs.  To make things easier, even capturing Pokemon will have experience points now. There no reason to complain that Elite Four are too hard to be, and it’s only a matter of time when every single Pokemon in your team is LV 100

Pokemon X &Y review coming soon


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  1. I have X. Though, honestly, I haven’t done much on it recently… My character is standing, lonely, in Victory road, doing nothing. I’m really into the idea of custom players too. Finally, Pokemon players are free from racism!!!


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