The Walking Dead “Infected” Review


Farmer no more.

This episode is more intense than the previous one, and dangers are greater than ever.   The prison is no longer the safe haven it’s intended to be, and someone is trying to sabotage the place.  It’s all writers’ way to thinning out the survivors, and trying out new things.

Someone is feeding the fence walkers rats, so they will weight down the fence.  While it’s uncertain if this is the same person that killed Karen and David, one thing for sure is that someone wants everyone in the prison dead.  Once again, it leads me to believe The Governor has someone inside the prison, and the highest possibility is Bob Stookey.

This episode is a great character one, too.  The characters that usually don’t say much finally get chances to speak up.  Carol, Beth and even Michonne all have some great character moments.  Michonne seems to have a past involving babies, and that’s why she doesn’t like to hold them at all.  It’s possible that she lost a child somewhere in her past or something.  We know who her “Pets” are in the comic series, but in the TV series, she refers to them as “they were never human.”  Maybe they have something to do with Michonne loosing a kid in the past?  This characteristic also explained how Michonne can be so careless when facing Penny back in season 3.

Also, did a baby died this episode?  I saw a lady holding one, but I’m not sure if the baby is dead or not.  This is so sad.

Carol’s “tough love” with the kids is really awesome.  It’s such a powerful and emotional moment for the character, I thought the character might actually bite the dust this episode- similar to T-Dog, Axel, Merle and such.  For the longest time, The Walking Dead does a horrible job with female characters, and the only likable one is because she holds a katana.  I’m glad that AMC finally figures out how to write strong female characters, and I’m really enjoying the directions they’re taking with them.

It’s interesting to have Carol taking care of the two little girls.  I wonder how much that is going to factor into the whole Sophia business she had back in season 2.  Hopefully not too much though, cause that’s when Carol was a boring character.


Rick has been “in retirement” since the season debut, and apparently this is something the entire prison is acknowledged of.  He’s tired already from all the sacrifices and decision he has to make for everyone, and he wants to take sideline purposely.  It’s a rest that he deserved even Daryl says so too.  However, this world is not a place for Rick to take a step back anymore, and he needs to be more proactive than that.  It’s not right to take guns away from kids, and it’s not right to leave the prison without them either.  When Rick kills the piglets one by one, he knows that his farmer days are over, and it’s time to pick up the guns again.

When we leave season 3, it seems like Carl is becoming a troublesome kid.  However, it’s interesting to see how obedient he has became with his father.  The old Carl will definitely go crazy if his father takes his gun away, or steal the gun back from his father back already.  His change of heart probably has something to do with the peace and kids around the prison for the past 6-7 months, and it’s good to see him this way.  I’m all game for a cold-blood killer Carl, but this is a more believable character choice.

So what’s the deal with the new disease?  I think it’s confirmed that it’s not an evolved form of zombie virus (thank god), but we still don’t know just what it is exactly yet.  Something that builds up blood from the inside until you chock on them to death.  And if you’re not dead by blood, the fever can kill you in one night.  Apparently, only humans and swines are infected with such disease.  Maybe a variation of swine flu?  Any med students out there figure out what disease this is yet?

It’s sad what happened to Karen.  I’m probably the only person that really like the character, and I was hoping something more out of the character.  Poor Tyreese, he’s going to loose it next episode.



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