Pokemon X & Y Review


The Pokemon game 15 years in making.

The gameplay is done on Pokemon X.

It’s finally here!  The Pokemon game that takes a leap into the future.  This is the sixth generation of Pokemon already, and yet, Nintendo and Game Freak manage to make the game greater than ever.  Everything from the graphics to battles, the Pokemon game has successfully evolved into the next stage.

The most notable change are the graphics.  For the firs time ever, The main Pokemon game features a complete 3D environment where players can really lost themselves into.  The 3D also adds a depth to the characters seen in the game, as they’re more detailed than ever, and you can actually see their facial expressions.  I especially like it when you’re walking pass them, the characters will turn to look at you.

The camera angles are more fun than ever.  Game Freak already played around with the idea of camera angles in Generation 5 games, but this time they take it to a whole other level.  This can especially be seen in Lumiose City, the city that’s even bigger than last generation’s Castelia City.  The big city gives player various different camera angles when exploring, and it’s no longer a stale activity to walk anymore.  However, Lumiose City is a difficult city to location your whereabouts due to it’s massive size.  Thank god the game offers you taxi within the city though, so you can travel around easily.

The thing that’s most attracting about Pokemon games has always been the battle systems.  The game offers you all different kind of element match-ups and individual values that makes the battles unique every single time.  Now with the addition of Fairy Type and Mega Evolution, the battles have evolved into a whole different level and it requires more strategies to win now.

mega-blaziken_official-illustration_300dpi The new graphics benefits in battles as well.  Now you can finally see your favorite Pokemon in full 3D battle actions.  It’s something special to see a Pokemon you’re familiar with since Generation One finally in full 3D redesign.  It’s almost like seeing them coming to life before you’re eyes.  Also, the Pokemon now moves accordingly during battles, and no longer a still sprite standing there.  The battle scenes also move now for you to see different angles during battles.  My only problem is that I hope we can move the angles freely, instead of waiting the for it to move itself.  Maybe that’s what the Circle Pad can do?  It’s just there meaninglessly during battles anyway.

Another way Pokemon comes to life is through the Pokemon Amie.  The new mini-game system that allows you to interact with your Pokemon by petting them and feeding them.  This will increase your Pokemon’s affection with you, and it will come in handy cause some Pokemon only evolve with high Affection Points- something that’s entirely different than Happiness Points.  There are also mini-games to play with your favorite Pokemon too.  Playing with your Pokemon will give you different results in battles.  For example, some Pokemon will automatically healed when they have status problems such as paralysis or poisoned.  Pokemon Amie makes Pokemon more realistic than ever, and face it, it’s cute to see your Pokemon coming to life.


The story is just like every other Pokemon game: Player leaves the town on a journey to collect 8 badges and to defeat Elite Four.  However, unlike the previous game, the story successfully gives players a sense of traveling companions with the four kids you keep on running into throughout the game.  Also, it’s highly possible to have a roster of decent Pokemon before the second gym.  I remember playing the game and having a full team I’m willing to stick with all the way by the time second gym comes around.


My only problem with the story is the Gym Leaders.  I remember in the previous games the Gym Leaders usually have some sort of storyline before facing them in their Gyms.  However, this is not the case anymore.  This takes away the importance of these leaders, and they’re not memorable anymore.

The gameplay is more convenient than usual.  You can now register up to 4 items in instant access.  When looking through your bag, there’s also a little window of Pokemon next to it for quick health restore, or if a Pokemon can learn HM or TM move.  You can even restore your Pokemon before sending them out in battles.  The coolest of all?  When doing in-game trade with other NPCs, you can even trade from Pokemon in your PC as well.  These are just some examples how the game improved in small places for better gameplay.

Pokemon-X-and-Y (1)

Training is more fun than ever in Pokemon X & Y.  The improved Exp. Share gives every Pokemon not in battle experience points as well.  It makes the gameplay easier, and you can easily reach LV 100 with this device.  There’s also Super Training where player can improve their Pokemon’s EV through fun mini-games.  Not to mentioning capturing Pokemon will also gain experience points as well now.  There’s no more complaining how tough Elite Four are anymore.

With all the improvements in Pokemon X & Y, I can’t help it but feel that the Pokemon franchise is probably coming to an end soon.  The game reached a point where it’s difficult for the franchise to make anymore improvement, unless Nintendo moves the game to consoles.  With all the graphics and 718 Pokemon combinations, even the new 3DS Game Card will reach a memory limited soon.  It’s can be shown with the fact that we only have 69 new Pokemon in this generation, the least of new Pokemon ever.  It’s possible that Game Freak purposely doesn’t want too many new Pokemon this generation, but it’s also possible that the game is finally running out of space.  But we have to wait until next(?) generation to find out.

Overall, Pokemon X & Y is the best Pokemon game yet.  It opens up different possibilities, and allows us to enjoy a greater Pokemon gameplay.  The only problem is the similar stories comparing to the previous generations, but that can be easily overlooked with the improved graphics and gameplays.


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