Justice League #24 Review


A different take on the already familiar story.

We already know Superman’s origins by heart- He’s the sole survivor of Krypton, adopted by the Kents, becoming a reporter and such.  These are all things we already known, but when they’re applied to Ultraman?  Things become very twisted- and for the best!

This is a world where strong and evil are celebrated.  We see a different version of characters we already known, and it’s disturbing to find out how different they can be.  The original Ma and Pa Kent are the nicest people ever, but the Earth 3 Pa is a sadistic asshole who beats his wife.  It’s also confirmed that Superwoman, the Earth 3 Wonder Woman, is thatEarth’s Lois Lane.  Ultraman hates the woman, but he has to keep her around only because she’s the only suitable mother for his child.  It was a terrifying moment that I really thought Jimmy is going to die in the hands of Ultraman.  Thank goodness Black Adam is here to save the day.  Never thought I would say that.

I think the biggest thing revealed in this issue is that there’s a new Doom Patrol.  Check it out:


It seems like this is the Kupperberg era’ Doom Patrol with Celsius, Negative Woman and Tempest.  I’m a big fan of Doom Patrol’s, but there story is always kind of buggy.  Hopefully the New 52 version of Doom Patrol will have a stronger background, and making Doom Patrol a household name like X-Men.

Also, it would be great to see Doom Patrol’s own series as well.

This is a really good issue to take on something we’re already familiar with, and makes it really different.  Forever Evil has been really great so far, and the tie-in issues do not disappoint.



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