Justice League Dark #24 Review


A journey into Constantine’s subconscious mind.

We find out what happened to Constantine after Trinity War, and things are not pretty.  The House of Mystery transfers Constantine to the house, and he must goes through an emotional journey where he faces his inner demons.  Literally.

So Constantine understands that his teammates are more important to him than he realizes, and he is going to rescue them.  However he cannot do it by himself, and he needs some help.  Nightmare Nurse is not a character I’m familiar with, but I’m looking forward to see what kind of interesting story she will bring to the series.  Also, just what the hell does she mean that she grew her own Swamp Thing?

Let’s take a note that this is the first issue for writer J.M. DeMatteis, and he does a wonderful job here.  In fact, I think most of the writers do a wonderful job on the series and the transition is smooth.  My only problem with this issue is the pacing.  I kind of feel like we dragged on too long with Constantine, and it would be nicer if we can get to the point faster.  Also, it seems like Constantine’s accent is missing, something DeMatteis should be more careful about.



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