The Walking Dead “Isolation” Review


Do what you gotta do?

The Walking Dead is a different show this season.  We’re introduced to a brand new threat, and the show is more focused on character now.  Most importantly, we’re more focused on secondary characters and creating a better sense of community.  Characters such as Hershel, Beth and Carol are more interesting than ever, and even Michonne begins to open up, and her questionable past begins to reveal.  However, none of these changes are as dramatic as Carol.

It turns out that Carol is the one stabbed and burned Karen and David.  Her reason is clear, because she wants to protect the prison from potential virus outbreak.  The attempt is futile, of course.  She cares about the prison, and the people in it.  Especially since she technically adopted both Lizzie and Mika last episode, she’s willing to do anything to protect them.  Last week I mentioned that it’s possible Carol is going to act accordingly to the fact that she lost Sophia back in season 2, and I think I’m right.  She already lost a daughter before, and she’s not going to let that happen again.

While Carol’s heart is at the right(?) place, it still doesn’t justify the cold-blooded murder.  Carol is going to have to pay for what she’s done, and most likely in the hands of Tyreese.


Rick is a whole different story.  He has been taken back row for the past few months, and now when he’s taken the lead again, he loses control right away.  Tyreese throws the first punch, sure, but Rick should be calm down considering Tyreese just lost a love one.  Tyreese is right that Rick has been doing nothing, and it seems like it’s okay to murder in prison now.  That the problem here:  are things better when Rick’s in charge, or is it better with the council?  Things are better when Rick’s in charge, but again, it’s not like there was a virus going around back in the day or something.

I am glad that Rick takes Tyreese’s words to heart, and decides to do something about the situation.  It’s cool to see Sheriff Rick Grimes returns and investigates the murders, and I want to see more of him like this.  It’s too bad that we’re not going to see the Rick/Tyreese partnership in the comic.  Things are not doing too well between the two already.

So we found out why Rick’s actor Andrew Lincoln is wearing bandages on the set.  I really thought he’s going to have his hand cut off.  Oh, well.

Daryl’s group has some of the best action this episode.  The horde of hundreds and hundreds of walkers is really terrifying, and it’s a miracle they got out of it alive.  Especially Tyreese.  I know the horde ganging up to him is a reference to the comic series, but it doesn’t seem realistic that he would make that one out alive.

I don’t really get the scene where Carl and Hershel found the walker with a bear trap and such.  What’s the point for that scene?  Is it so Carl can learn not to do pointless kills?  But doesn’t it contradict with what Carl Learned when Dale is killed because he didn’t kill that walker one time?  I guess the different is that he was taunting the previous walker, and not this one.  I really don’t feel the scene at all, and finds it pointless.

There’re some nice moment between Maggie and Beth this episode.  I always forgot that these two are siblings, and it’s good to see them sharing some emotional moments.  There’s no one better than family when comes to support.

Most of the survivors are sick and if medicine are not found soon, everyone will die.  The threat is greater than ever, and can’t wait to see what happens next episode.



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