Batman: Arkham- 10 Villains I Want to See in the Franchise


Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery unite!

Batman: Arkham series is a wonderful franchise.  Great stories, great gameplays and even great villains.  The series has such an interesting way at defining the villains, it’s always a treat to see who’s going to make appearances in the games.  However, 3 or 4 games later, there are still a lot of classic villains missing from the franchise.  Thus, here are 10 villains I want to see in the franchise.

1. The Ventriloquist:


While Scareface already made physical appearance in the games, Arnold Wesker has yet to be seen.  His psychology problems fits perfectly to the themes of Batman Arkham series.  Please don’t bring us the New 52 Ventriloquist though.

2. Man-Bat:


Man-Bat is, perhaps the only major Batman Villain not to have reference to or make any appearance at all in the Arkham franchise.  Until recently that is.  In Batman: Arkham Origins Alfred made a reference that he saw a giant bat in the Batcave, and we also see this image below:


Can this be the first hint of Man-Bat in Batman: Arkham franchise?  I hope so.

3. The Great White Shark:


A villain first introduced in mini-series Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, The Great White Shark was a financier who embezzled millions of dollars and pleaded insanity and be put into Arkham Asylum.  He was later actually driven insane and lost his nose, lips and hair after an encounter in Mr. Freeze’s cell.  He already made Easter Eggs appearance in Batman: Arkham Asylum where you can find his nose, fingers, teeth and lips.  It’s about time he makes physical appearance in the game.

4. Jane Doe:


Don’t think there’s any Jane Doe reference in the franchise, but she’s definitely an interesting character.  She first appeared in Arkham Asylum: Living Hell as well, and she’s the master in disguise.  Kind of similar to Clayface, but her power is all cosmetic and not science fiction.  It’s unknown why this character is not in the franchise yet, but her psychological background seems more fitting than the sci-fi/supernatural Clayface.

5. Killer Moth:


I know he might be a joke villain, but he already has references in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.  It will be great seeing a villain with ridiculous custom running around in the game while everyone else is dressed as realistic as possible.

6. Maxie Zeus:


A lesser known villain even though he has been in the Batman story for years now.  Maxie Zeus believes himself to be the Greek god Zeus and he has a cult following because of it.  In fact, he already has references in the first two games already, and his nightclub Gotham City Olympus is still operating as well.  I guess it’s only a matter of time when we actually get to see him physically.

7. Roxy Rocket:


A villain originally created by Paul Dini, Roxy Rocket is a stunt double who lost her job, so she began to steal jewels for Penguin.  Compares to other villains, her crimes are fairly benign.  Her character is kind of similar to Catwoman’s where she’s not really a threat to the Dark Knight.  I can see her as a fun side-mission for Batman to deal with in the future games.

8. Red Hood:


The Red Hood here, of course is Jason Todd.  It’s confirmed in Arkham City’s DLC challenge map that Jason existed and died in this universe when Joker asks Tim Drake that “Didn’t I kill you already? No?”  It would be interesting to see him returns in future games, and found out The Joker is already dead.  In the comic he wasn’t too happy that Batman didn’t kill Joker, and I’m curious how he will react in this one now Joker is dead.

9. Professor Pyg:


Who?  Exactly.  Professor Pyg is a fairly new villain, but his disturbed natural is perfect for the rogues’ gallery.  The dark and psychological tone of Batman: Arkham series can definitely house this mad men and give the players some fun side-missions.  Well, it’s going to be hard to see him appears in other media anytime soon, since he’s the main villain in Beware the Batman, and that didn’t go so well…

10. The Court of Owl/Talons:

download (1)

In Arkham City, Azrael told Batman that Gotham will burn.  This perhaps is a hint of possible plot in the upcoming Batman: Arkham sequels (if there’s any).  Who’s better at taking down the entire city than having the Talons running around it?  Also, the Talons are the perfect kind of villains for this franchise.  They can be a special kind of thugs that players have to deal with strategically.  In fact, they can adopt the entire Night of the Owls storyline for the new game.  Fighting?  Check.  Detective works?  Check.  Compelling stories?  Check.  What more are they waiting for?  Make Batman: Arkham Owls a reality already!

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