One Piece Chapter 726 Review


Riku Family

It turns out I was right about Thunder Soldier being Rebecca’s father.  This explains why he’s always protecting and caring about Rebecca.  This is a great chapter with tons of new information: It turns out it’s Trébol’s power that turn people into toys, and Ricky is the previous King Riku Dold III.  Despite the fact the most of the citizens don’t like the Riku family, it turns out King Riku Dold is still beloved by his soldiers and other kings such as Elizabello II.  Also, it’s strongly hinted that most of the toys in the pit were once Dressrosa soldiers as well.

Another history is revealed that the Dwarves are slaves when the Donquixote Family ruled Dressrosa hundreds of years ago.  It was King Riku that give them back the freedom and treat them better like equal.  Now we know why the Dwarves hate Doflamingo, the war is prepared and ready to go.

Some side notes: I’m glad that Bartolomeo finally found Luffy.  It’s so cute that Luffy has such a big fan.  Hopefully he will be a helpful ally.

Also, this is the first time I missed the Cover Story.  I’m not a big fan of the current Cover Story, but I really want to find out if that dinosaur is X Drake or not.



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