Damian: Son of Batman #1 Review


What if….?

Damian: Son of Batman is an interesting read.  It’s essentially a “What If?” story and show you a world where Damian is still alive, but Batman is killed by some bizarre Joker-Fish-Bomb.  The story might be a problem for continuity police, but if you’re willing to treat it as a good stand-alone story, than you will have a great time reading it.

We already seen Damian becoming Batman in Batman #666 and recently in Batman Incorporated #5.  This new mini-series is basically Robin’s road of becoming Batman, and his hunt for The Joker.  The story is a good read, and Andy Kubert does a wonderful job crafting Damian as a character.  Damian starts in the issue as a brat, and slowly becomes a merciless monster when no one’s willing to help him.

The joke at the beginning is really funny.  I really thought they found Tim’s body or something.

Kubert’s art is perfect!  The comic reads like a 90s’ comic, and I feel nostalgic reading it.  Go check it out if you enjoy reading comics in the 90s.

Overall the new series is really good, and I have high hopes for it.  My only problem is the New 52 banner on the cover page.  Why?



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