Halloween: 10 Scariest Game. EVER


It’s not like I have to sleep tonight…

It’s the first Halloween here at The Good Kind of Geek, and what’s a better way to celebrate it than one of those Top 10 posts?  This is our list of 10 Scariest Game.  Ever.

*Disclaimer: This list doesn’t really support jump-scared games, even though the image of Doom 3 is used above.  Most of the games you see below are going to be more focusing on psychological fear.

In no particular order:

1. Silent Hill 2 (2001):


James Sunderland visits Silent Hill after receiving letter from his dead wife.  The game is whole kind of mess ups with horrible monsters created by people’s subconsciousness.  Not to mention the infamous Pyamrid Head where player has no way to deal with but run away.  A scary game masterpiece where ever should give it a try.  You might want to check out Silent Hill 3 if you enjoy this game.

Why did I agree to do this post again?

2. Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly (2003):


The game requires you to travel around a forbidden village with a camera as your weapon to fight off evil spirits.  A FRICKING CAMERA.  To make things worst, some spirits are so strong you have to be in close proximity with the spirits to fight them off.  The game is so scary, I quit several times, sometimes between years, just so I can finish the game.  I still remember that I have to leave the light on just so I can sleep.

Oh god.  Bad memories are coming back.

3. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir (2012):


This game is technically the spin-off of Fatal Frame series where you have to go around killing ghosts with a camera again.  However, with the cameras on your 3DS device, you can actually see ghosts in your surroundings.  Ghost in your one bed room apartment all by yourself…

Excuse me for a second.

4. Siren (2003):


The game have you visit a Japanese village full of Shibito, some sort of rapid humans similar to zombies, but still have clear thoughts and desire.  The gimmick of this franchise is the “Sight Jack” where players can see through the eyes of Shibito and know exactly where they are, or what they’re thinking.  It’s a great way for players to predict what Shibito’s next move is, and avoid dangers.  This ability can be extra creepy when knowing what the Shibito are going through, and knowing they’re behind you and only inches away.  It’s really unsettling seeing your back through their eyes…

What do you mean I have to keep doing this?  Who cares about Halloween!  I’m having bad flashbacks, and I’m really scared!  Please!

5. Clock Tower (1995):


Oh, the Scissorman you’re the true nightmare of survival horror.  You either run or hide form the the psychopath and it’s not something easy doing so.  It’s especially bad with the clunky interface.

5 more to go?  But that’s still too much.  Please, I just want to write something happy.

6. Condemned: Criminal Origins (2005):


You play as investigator Ethan Thomas who was framed by a serial killer for murder.  There are supernatural stuff going on in the game too, and it’s really creepy.  The enemies in the game has high intelligent as well, and they will usually jump out of no where to surprise attack you.  Also, not to forget the mannequin section where they will creep up on you every time you turn your back.

How about 10 most delicious candy for Halloween?  No?  Please?  Fine.

7. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010):

download (2)

The main character Daniel lost his memory and exploring the dark castle to figure out who he is.  There are monsters roaming the castle, and just see how scary they’re with the image above.  There’s no way to fight them but hide in dark places.  The problem is, if you stay in the dark too long Daniel will lose sanity.  He will start hallucinates which also grabs the monsters’ attention.  Lighting a candle will bring back the sanity, but it will attract the monsters again.  Nothing is safe…

F my life…

8. Dead Space (2008):


The only jump-scared game I will put on the list here, Dead Space features tons of monsters that actually gives me nightmares night after night.  I’m especially scare of the baby crawler thingy that I can hear the noises they make even when I’m not playing the game.

No, I’m not scared.  Just throw my some corpses, and grab me from behind why don’t you?

9. Slender: The Eight Pages (2012):

Slender _The_Eight_Pages

It’s hard to tell why this game is scary, but it really is!  You go around the wood collecting 8 mysterious pages and the mysterious Slender Man will pop out of no where and you must run away from it.  I think the reason this game is so scary is because you will never know when Slender will make appearances.

There!  Another horror game that used to give me nightmares all the time.  You happy now?

10. Outlast (2013):


The game puts you in a asylum where tons of inmates are trying to attack you.  The things is?  There’s no way to fight them at all but hide, hide, hide.  If you like feeling hopeless in surviovr horror games, than Outlast is definitely your game.

Who needs sleep anyway?


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