Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Follow the Leader” Review


Crazy becomes normal.

“Follow the Leader” is an important episode.  It finally deals with the issue form last season’s finale, and we’re introduced to new deadly enemies.  This is why I love this incarnation of TMNT cartoon so much- The problems are always dealt with, and the enemies actually pose a threat.

Ever since we learned that Karai is Splinter’s daughter in last season’s finale, even though it’s quite obvious, I have been wondering when we’re going to be dealing with that issue.  Karai believes that Splinter killed her mother, and she holds a grudge against him.  Meanwhile, Leo doesn’t believe a word Karai says, and he holds up Splinter’s honor.  Believes and stands are questioned.  I really like the ending when Splinter decides to tell Leo the truth.  This shows that he trusted his son, and Leo’s loyalty is rewarded.

The new Foot-Bot is great!  I remember the 1987 cartoon series where the Foot Soldiers are robots as well, but they are nothing like these.  The robots adopted to the turtles moves and they’re evolving every seconds.  Fighting enemies is not a walk in the park for the turtles, but a walking in Central Park after midnight.  They are definitely some powerful enemies for the turtles, and I wish to see them more in the future.

This is also a great character episode too and we get to see the turtles and their unique moves.  Leo is a straight forward fighter, Donny calculates all his moves, Mikey’s break dance fights and Ralph’s brute force.  These are all details that show just how different one turtle is to another.  However, I found the plot where the turtles questioned Leo’s leadership too familiar.  Didn’t we have something like this before already?  Regardless, this is still a great episode with great character moments.



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