The Walking Dead “Indifference” Review

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It’s hard to say who’s right here.  Carol has her reasons, and Rick has one too.  At the end, Rick’s the one that made the decision, and Carol is banished.  I don’t believe this is the last we will see Carol, and I’m sure she will be back when the prison needs her the most.

Carol’s emotional state is interesting.  It might seem like she’s comfortable with what she has done, but I think she’s actually feeling guilty.  It can be seen when she’s asking for Rick’s acceptance.  If she’s really okay with what she has done, then she wouldn’t be asking for approval.  Carol might be more cold-hearted compares to how she was before, but it doesn’t mean she’s a sociopath.  It’s really just a matter of point of views.  At the end, Carol didn’t really fight either when Rick left her behind.  Deep down, she knew she acted too early, and she’s at the wrong.

It’s bizarre to see Carol acting so cold about Lizzie and Mika.  I thought she cares about the girls, but then again, the pain of losing a daughter before might still be too much for her.  She’s not willing to fully love again, just so she can lose them again.  It’s shown in this episode that Carol already left that previous life behind, so it won’t be easy for her to want to re-experience it anytime soon.  You can say that Carol is acting like a sociopath, but I say she’s just being careful.

Now Rick’s actions are whole different matters.  On the appearance, it seems like he’s banishing Carol for the good of the prison, but deep down, I think he’s banishing Carol for himself.  He’s starting to see Carol as a threat that undermines every single one of his decisions.  Seeing how Carol challenges Rick every single steps, it’s hard to feel Rick’s decision is justified, and not personal.  Rick has always been a good leader but he’s not good at making tough decisions.   Overall, I don’t think Rick makes the right call banishing Carol.  It doesn’t matter how much stronger a person has become, it’s always a death sentence being on your own out there.

Also, I’m looking forward to see how Rick’s is going to explain to everyone in prison what happened to Carol.  How’s Daryl going to react?  And what’s Tyreese going to do when he finds out Rick lets Karen’s murderer go?

Carol might be gone, but her “philosophy” stays in the prison in the form of Lizzie.  Lizzie is starting to have some problematic views of live and death, and I don’t think Carol did a good job at all correcting them.  I mentioned before that the “Ben killing Billy” plot might be coming to the TV  series soon, and I’m feeling it more than ever now.  I’m really hope I’m wrong with this one, cause it’s going to be really disturbing.

Meanwhile, it seems like the theme of the episode is “let go.”  Rick has to let Carol go, Tyreese has to let go of the walker, Bob has to let go the booze, Daryl has to let go of Bob, Michonne has to “let go” of the Governor…etc.  It doesn’t matter if it’s physically or emotionally letting something go, at the end, it’s all about trust and accepting things that are not.  Rick doesn’t trust Carol anymore, and Daryl doesn’t trust Bob either.

Once again, this is another great character episode.  While it’s great to see all the character developments, I can’t help but feel the stories this season are a little too slow.  If this was last season, the survivors are back with the medicine already.  Well, then again, we won’t have such great character moments if the stories move too fast.

So what exactly happened to Ana?  Her leg is not torn off, but cut off.  Did Sam do this to her?  Also, just what the heck happened to Sam?  Are we going to see Rick’s watch again?  So many questions.



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