Forever Evil #3 Review


The villains finally team up!

This issue is heavily relying on other Forever Evil crossover books such as Forever Evil: Rogues’ Rebellion and Justice League.  We see The Rogues fighting Deathstorm and Power Ring.  On the other hand, things are not doing too well with Black Adam.  However, you’re not going to get the best out of these stories unless you check out those issues as well.

The issue opens up explaining exactly what happened to the other heroes.  We already have a glimpse of the prison they’re trapped in at Justice League of America #8, but we didn’t know just what the prison’s natural is until this issue.  If everyone is trapped inside Firestorm, then what happened to the Firestorm on the surface?  Also, I’m glad the issue with Nightwing is brought up again.  Now his identity is compromised, it’s possible that the entire Batman family will be in danger as well.  It still pains that this happened, and I’m looking forward to see the how DC is going to deal with it once the event is over.

The craziest thing this issue is the one-sided battle between Ultrman and Black Adam.  The evil Superman crushes Black Adam’s lower jaw right away, and throws him into the ocean.  All things seem lost for Black Adam, until Black Manta pulls him out of the ocean.  Now we have a team of super villains with Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Black Adam, Black Manta and Captain Cold, things are finally cooking up!  Let’s see how these villains are going to save the world!

By the way, Captain Cold just lost his power.  I wonder how he’s going to keep up with the league.



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