10 Things I Noticed From DC February 2014 Solicitations

Things I noticed from February solicitations.

1. Metal Men Returns:


Personally the most exciting news from the solicitations.  Metal Men are the classic of all classic superheroes, so it’s exciting to see them making a return in the New 52.

It seems like The Royal Flush Gang are returning too, but that’s not as exciting.

2. Batman/Superman and Worlds’ Finest Collide:


Finally!  We’ve been waiting for this for a while now, and Power Girl is finally going to reveal her identity to Superman, and Huntress going to meet her “father” for the first time.

It’s interesting though, cause Batman just lost a kid last year and I wonder how he’s going to react to this child of his.

The crossover is going to run through both titles.  I might pick up Worlds’ Finest again for this then.

3. Lois Lane One Shot:


To celebrate the 75th anniversary, DC is also releasing a Lois Lane one-shot as well.  It seems like an interesting issue having Lois dealing with her father, sister and many other problems.  I’m never a big fan of Lois Lane, but it seems like a interesting enough issue for me to pick up.

Mentioning one-shots…

4. Joker’s Daughter One Shot:


DC is releasing a Joker’s Daughter one shot.  Didn’t we have that already?  Let me guess, even DC knows that Ann Nocenti screwed up the story back in villain month.  The characters seems so promising, but Nocenti has to be the bad writer.  Hopefully we get to see a better story this time, and gives this character the story she deserved.

5. Supergirl Joins Red Lantern:


And it’s no joke!  This is easiest the best idea, or the worst idea ever!  Regardless, I’m glad this happens because she has been surprisingly taking a back seat from many major events, so being a Red Lantern might get her more involved with the DC Universe.  All this time being an angry teenage girl finally pays off.

This also leads to…

6. Green Lantern/Red Lantern Double Issue:


Don’t know why, but DC is releasing a double issue of Green Lantern/Red Lantern in February.  This mean that with the price of one, you’re getting both Green Lantern and Red Lantern in February.  This is really awesome, and they don’t cheap you out with the pages either!  I never bought a single issue of Red Lantern yet, and I think I’m willing to try for the first time.

7. Harley Quinn Love Story:


The first issue is not even out yet, and I’m already confused with the tone of the story.  Some solicitations read serious, and some, like this one, read like a light story.

Regardless, it’s interesting to see a love story about Harley Quinn.  It reminds me of the classic “Mad Love” by Paul Dini.

8. Kid Flash’s True History and Villains:


The February issue of Teen Titans promise us the true history of Kid Flash and it’s about time.  I really want to know what the deal is with this version of Kid Flash.  But knowing Lobdell is writing it, I don’t have much hope.

It also seems like Kid Flash will be a villain against the Teen Titans.  Interesting…

9. Forever Evil Revealed:


“The final fate of Nightwing” is going to be revealed in this issue, and that’s super worrisome.  I really don’t know how he is going to get out of this and keep his Nightwing identity.

Also, it turns out the hooded man’s identity is going to be revealed as well.

10. The Ugliest Cover Ever:


Oh god!  What’s going on here?  It’s that Wonder Woman?  Oh god!

You have one job, Howard Porter!


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