Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Mutagen Man Unleashed” Review


Casey Jones makes his debut!

“Mutagen Man Unleashed” is perhaps one of the most anticipated episode ever!  Not only we’re finally going to see this version of Casey Jones, we ‘re also getting the full introduction to the Mutagen Man.  Poor Timothy, he changes so much since we last saw him.

I’m just going to come up front and say it: I found this version of Casey Jones kind of disappointing.  Just a little bit though.  This Casey is essentially the same character we known and love from before.  Same mannerism, same character and everything, but there’s is just something different about him.  Maybe it’s because most of the Casey Jones we’ve seen before are a few years into the crime fighter career already, and this version is basically an origin story.  Once this Casey Jones puts on the hockey mask, I’m sure I will like him a whole lot better.  I have high hopes for him.

This episode is once again another Donny episode.  He has to learn to accept that April is mad at the Turtles, and she will return to them when she’s ready.  It was cute at first with Donny’s crush on April, but now it’s just getting creepy.  Well, I’m glad Splinter’s lesson actually goes through his head.  By the way, this version of Splinter really is the coolest, and all his lessons are actually useful.  “One cannot make someone like something.”


Mutagen Man is great!  I like everything about him and his simple minded obsession for April after hearing Donn’s complains for so long.  Also, it’s great to see the turtles take down Mutagen Man with camouflage and misdirection.  They’re ninjas after all, and they should really be like one every once in a while.

This episode has a lot of great funny moments too.  I really like the new cartoon series Super Robo Mecha Force Five! the turtles are watching now.  It’s also funny too see how Donny reacts when other turtles referred to Casey Jones as April’s boyfriend.  Overall, “Mutagen Man Unleashed” is a great episode and I’m excited to see what kind of story Casey Jones will bring us.



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