The Walking Dead “Internment” Review


Hershel knows best.

“Internment” is about Hershel.  It’s about this fatherly and wise old man, and what he would do to save the ones around him.  His actions, however, are to compare with Carol’s.  While Carol’s actions are vicious, Hershel stands on the polar-opposite of her.

Hershel does a lot to protect the sick ones in the episode.  He puts himself in close proximity with them in the risk of being infected.  He also does whatever he can to prevent these people from psychological trauma.  However, I can’t wonder if it’s really the right thing that Hershel keeps so many sick ones around for too long.  Like Dr. S said, “focus on the ones who can make it, because if you’re not ready to lose one, you will lose them all,” I can’t help it but wonder by keeping all the sick one around, did Hershel indirectly caused more deaths than necessary?  This once again brings back Carol’s point of view and Hershel’s.  You can argue both are right, but it’s really hard to tell in situations.

While this episode is still character heavy, it also has the most actions in season 4 so far.  The whole sick people coming back as walkers is really exciting, and I’m really afraid Hershel is going to bite the dust here.  This scene also shows another reason Hershel’s consideration might be troublesome.  He has the chance to shoot the walker but doesn’t take it, because he wants to protect the kids from seeing deaths.  This once again, is the opposite from Carol’s doing.  I think it’s stupid that he’s willing to risk his life just to prevent the kids from seeing some bloodshed, but it’s understandable considering how screwed up Lizzie is.


I have no idea where this girl is go next, but I’m not looking forward to it.  It’s nice of her to lure the walker away from Glenn, but at the same time it’s unsettling how she calling the walker out like a puppy.  It’s even worse when she dips her foot into the pool of blood and plays with it.  It’s true that kids should learn about guns, killing and self-defense in this world, but not every kid can turn out adjustable like Carl.

Mentioning Carl, he’s really growing out of his shell.  He was once troubled like Lizzie, but he’s becoming more trust worthy as the show progresses.  It’s really cute to see Rick and Carl teaming up together to take down the walkers.  He’s always looking for his dad approval, and I’m sure it means a lot fighting side-by-side with his father.

I think it’s about time our saviors leave the prison behind.  The fences are coming down and walkers are pouring in.  The place is not safe anymore, and quite frankly, it’s turning into the farm already.  Besides, the enemy knows where the place is too…

Maggie’s reaction to Carol’s missing is interesting.  It almost seems like she doesn’t believe a word Rick said and she’s just going along with it.  The worst, she might think Rick killed Carol or something.  This episode doesn’t have much chance to get into the Carol issue, and it also seems like Rick is pushing off telling Daryl what happened too.  I don’t want to be around when he finally does though.

The Governor returns!  He’s lurking outside the prison, so does that mean he has been sabotaging the prison this whole time?  Maybe he’s the one feeding walkers the rat.  Man, I really hope he’s the one feeding the walkers, because the alternative might be Lizzie considering how she treats them as pets…



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  1. This episode was so intense. Lizzie creeped me out even more. I think that she is going to do something crazy that will surprise us all.


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