All-New X-Men #18 Review


What a misdirected cover!

The first issue that directly deals with the outcome of Battle of the Atom.  The event is not as game-changing as we expected, but merely move Kitty and the young X-Men from Jean Grey School to New Xavier School.  It doesn’t matter where Kitty and others are, the important thing is that we still have our young X-Men in the present day, and the All-New X-Men are really all new now.

This issue is basically the transnational one where the Kitty and the others have to get used to living at the New Xavier School.  The new place doesn’t have the resources Jean Grey School has, and the place seems like a prison.  This issue also deals with the kiss Jean Grey and Beast shared back in issue 15.  I’m glad because I was wondering how that’s going to work when Jean and Cyclopes ran away together during Battle of the Atom.  Turns out it matters Beast a lot, and he’s jealous.  Oh, the teen drama.

It’s great that Bendi decides to add Magik to the case.  She has always been an interesting character, but not too much chance to shine.  I also really like it when the original X-Men received new costumes.  “I feel like an All-New X-Men.”  Cheesy.

Just see how cool this image is:




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