Batman #25 Review


Gotham goes dark.

Batman #25 kicks off the Dark City saga of Batman Zero Year story.  While The Riddler is the one that caused the blackout, he’s not the main villains of the issue.  Let’s remember this is Gotham, and there are villains everywhere.

So the new villain in town is Dr. Death?  That’s a Dr. Death before New 52 too, but that character’s origin is really confusing.  Hopefully this is the only incarnation of Dr. Death now, because I’m ready to like this character better.

This issue also goes deeper into the conflicts between Bruce Wayne and Gordon.  Bruce’s attitude towards Gordon is just horrible, and the tension between the two is really thick!  It’s a miracle how these two come to trust each others in the near future.

We also get to see the new (old?) Batmobile this issue.  It’s an interesting concept that the car can cling and leap, but it does look kind of silly.  The good kind of silly, I supposed.  Also, when is Batman going to get some gauntlets for his outfit?  The pink gloves are too silly too.  Not the good kind of silly though.

The back-up story is interesting.  It gives us a different point of view for this Dark City event, and re-introduce us to Harper Row as a young girl.  This story doesn’t really have anything to do with the main story, but I love it regardless.  I especially love the spread-page where we get to see all the heroes operating in Gotham City during this event.

seriously though, what’s DC’s plan for Harper Row?



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