Justice League of America #9 Review


This prison is getting ridiculous.

Even though Stargirl found her way out of the prison at the end of last issue, she decides to head back to rescue Martian Manhunter.  While it might not be the smartest move, I’m glad she does it anyway.  It’s a chance for us to know her better.

Justice League of America is a fairly new comic series, and it doesn’t have much chance to focus on the team dynamic before it becomes part of Forever Evil event.  The good thing is most of these characters have/had their own on-going series to develop their characters, but not Stargirl.  She’s a brand new character, and we haven’t a chance to explore the character.  Writer Matt Kindt does a wonderful job this issue exploring Stargirl’s origins, and it’s especially good when compares to Martin Manhunter.  One’s full of hope and optimism, and the other one despair.

Despite Stargirl’s great origin, the issue lacked of story progression.  While most of the Forever Evil tie-in issues are quick on story pacing, this one suffers on that element.  Nothing much happens in the issue, and the ending is confusing as well.  Hopefully next issue will be better, and I wonder how Stargirl is going to defeat the Secret Society alone.



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