One Piece Chapter 728 Review


The Number of Tragedies

The chapter continues the flashback we first seen in the previous chapter.  However, unlike the other flashbacks we’ve seen before, this one is short and ended here already.  I’m glad though, cause this is not the best flashback yet.

There’s not much new information or shock from the flashback.  It revealed that Violet is actually the princess of the kingdom, and she strikes a deal with Doflamingo to spare his father’s life.  Also, it turns out once a person is turned into a toy, people will automatically forget who that person was.  Chinjao already forgot his grandsons upon them turning into toys.

The end of chapter has Bellamy approaching Luffy in a suspicious manner.  It seems like he might be up to no good again.

It’s funny too see Robin making a facefault again in this chapter.  This is the second time already,  and it means she’s more comfortable with the crew than ever.



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