The Walking Dead #116 Review


First battle begins!

What a great issue!  All out War officially started last issue, but it doesn’t feel like a war yet, but just preparation works.  This issue, however, it’s a whole different story.  It’s like Robert Kirkman heard our complains or something, and he makes this issue as action-packed as possible.

Gregory’s betrayal from last issue seems futile right away.  It’s hilarious that only 8 people left Rick’s army, and Negan’s outburst is the best.  It’s not certain who has the upper hand in this war yet, but Rick has clearly planned things out better.  It’s also great to see the walkers are back as a threat again.  For the longest time the series has only deal with problems between humans, and it’s great to see Kirkman uses them as a natural threat.  Cleverly too!

Holly is a great character.  She’s never a main character in the crew, but I always love her for her toughness.  It’s heroic that she sacrifice herself, and I’m hoping to see her more.  However, I don’t think that’s going to happen anymore.  Negan only has so much patients for these people, and I don’t see Holly making this one out alive.

Starting this issue we have Stefano Gaudiano in addition to the art team.  Guadiano’s ink work brings an extra sharpness and clarity to Charlie Adlard’s pencil work.  The addition is to lighten up the new bi-weekly schedule The Walking Dead is going to have until April, but I’m hoping this will become something permanent.



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