Thor: The Dark World Review


Mjölnir strikes again.

Thor: The Dark World continues Thor’s saga for the third time.  We first met the Asgardian back in 2011’s Thor, and then 2012’s The Avengers.  While the crossover movie is definitely a hit, the same cannot be said for the first movie.  It might seem like Thor is not a strong enough character to carry on a movie himself, but this movie proves it wrong.  Thor: The Dark World is a funny, and action-packed movie that reminds us why Marvel Cinematic Universe is so awesome.

The movie centers around a mystical force called “The Aether.”  A powerful forced wanted by the menacing Malekith.  Somehow Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) got the power, and she became the target of Malekith and his army of Dark Elves.  Thor must do anything he could to protect Jane, and at the same time, prevent the world from destruction.  By doing so, he also need to request the help of his evil brother, Loki.

I’m gonna be honest, the main plot with The Aether and the Dark Elves can be quite boring.  I’m glad that we get a glimpse of Asgard’s history, but there are kind of detached, and the plot failed to explain the true natural of Aether.  I guess the writers want to hide what Aether really is until the mid-credit scene, but the whole 111 minutes we’re watching without knowing what it is can be really boring.

Despite the confusing threat of Aether, the film still manages to carry the weight with strong characters.  In the post-Avengers world, the characters are more important than ever.  Thor manages to establish a sense of character developments, and we can feel a world where the events in New York happened.  This is something Iron Man 3 lacked off.  I remember watching the movie back then and couldn’t feel a sense of “post-Avenger.”  It’s almost like the movie stands on its own, and continuity is not something important.

The best way to established a sense of bigger universe?  Having someone else making a cameo in the movie.  I cheered when Christ Evan appears as Captain America.

There’s not much drama in the film, but Loki’s relationship with others.  Loki with his Frigga, Loki with Odin and Loki with Thor.  His emotional states various and it creates a more complex character than before.  At first, he’s just wants to be approved by his family, but by the end of the movie, he no longer cares about those emotional baggage, and takes what he wants.


Loki clearly steals the spotlight of the movie, but sadly, he’s not in it a lot.  It’s a shame though, cause the movie has so much more opportunity to have Tom Hiddleston’s Loki around and that would definitely be an improvement.  Thor and Loki have such great dynamic together, and the film is at its best when they are on the screen side-by-side.

Sadly, the same cannot be said between Thor and Jane.  The relationship between the two seem flat, and the movie once again missed an opportunity to make their relationship more interesting by throwing Lady Sif into it.  I would like to see more love triangle going around!  Another missed opportunity.


Also, I was really hoping we get to see more of Lady Sif in this movie.  When’s the character going to receive the attention she deserved?

The movie is more of a comedy than action.  The film features actress Kat Dennings and her character Darcy once again, and she’s perhaps the funniest character in the film, and her one-liners work from time to time.  However, after too much of them, I’m starting to feel sick of it.  Some of them are not even funny anymore, and the character becomes quite annoying.

Mentioning annoying, I also don’t like Jane Foster’s constant slapping of other characters.  Calm down, woman!

Some of the twists don’t work quite well either.  I already see Thor and Loki’s scheme from miles away, and my girlfriend saw Loki’s fate from miles away as well.  So yeah, not too much twists as everything is kind of predictable.

Despite all the negatives, the film works for some reason.  During the 111 minutes I’m in the theater, I enjoyed the film and I laughed through out the film.  I think it’s because the film is funny regardless of all the flaws, and it’s still an entertaining piece.  Overall, the movie is good, but it can be quite disappointing from time to time.  Also, it’s clear that we need more Loki in the film.  A lot more.

How I wish...

How I wish…



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  1. I agree with your point about the annoying characters – Darcy and Jane being a bit slap happy.
    I felt the film was hinting that there would be a love triangle with Lady Sif as there were so many lingering glances and moments with her that went completely undeveloped.
    Loki is by far the best character and yes the cameo with Captain America was awesome!


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