PlayStation 4 Unboxing/Report

First impression.

I just received my PlayStation 4 in the mail, and let’s see what’s in it:





The box comes with a controller, HDMI cable, USB cable, power cord, headphone and of course, the system itself.


The system is about the same size as PS3 slime model already.  I wonder how small the future versions will be.


Bizarre design for power and eject button.  Also, the disc enters between the two buttons, too.

All the ports

All the ports


The new  Dualshock 4 is really great!  The controller feels really good, and being bigger than the previous Dualshock 3 means it’s more comfortable to play with it.



The touchpad feels really good!


The rest of contains

Alright, now we saw everything in the box, let’s plug this bad boy in!  Cross my fingers…


So far so good…

I didn’t run into the problems people said online.  However, don’t plug this machine into HDMI switcher if you have any.  The system requires high frame rate that most of the switcher doesn’t support.  Plug your PS4 directly to TV please.

The system, however, requires a lot of update though.





It’s not too bad and it requires about 10 minutes or so.  It might seem like a life time though, cause we all really want to try the new system out.

Meanwhile, let’s compare Dualshock 3 and 4.


Seriously, 4 is a lot better than 3.  I always hated 3 because it’s too small, and it’s not a very good controller for hardcore gamers.  Plus, the buttons on 4 feels great when clicking them.  I’m in love with it right away.

And the update is finally done!


So far so good, I gotta say.  I really like the new system, but still need some time to get used to the new interface.  By now, I have the system on for over half an hour now, and it doesn’t feel hot at all, and there’s no sign of blinking red power light on my system.  This is only the first impression, and I will write a proper review once I’m used to the new system.

Happy gaming everyone!  


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