Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Mikey Gets Shellacne” Review


That sucks.

“Mikey Gets Shellacne” features Mikey accidentally applied some mutagen on himself, and begins to grow acne all over his body.  The worst are the ones insides his mouth, and the ones on his shell the size of baseball- they even have their own heartbeats!  Despite all the disgusting things, the episode didn’t start off great at all.  It’s kind of slow, and I have no idea where the episode is going.  However, the episode later turns out to be one of the most important ones, and even features an old villain returning in new form.

It turns out that Dogpound is the new series’ Rahzar- a classic villain from the second live action TMNT movie.  This new series is great at combining elements from different incarnations of TMNT medias, and you never known if your favorite characters from previous medias will make an appearance or not.  Another thing I like about this show is that the character previously introduced will mutate into another classic character.  Victor Falco is Rat King,The Pulverizer is Mutagen Man, and now Dogpound is Rahzar.  By this rate, it’s only a matter of time that Rocksteady and Bebop will make some sort of appearance.  Now all we need is Tokka…

I’m overjoyed that Rahzar makes a return in the new series, but I can’t help it but feel a little disappointing. Dogpound is always my favorite character in the series due to his cuteness and fluffiness, so him changing his appearance so drastically is kind of sad.  However, Rahzar’s new appearance is still bad ass regardless.


Other than Dogpound, it’s great to see Baxter Stockman and Fishface making a return as well.  It’s been too long since we seen any of them, and it’s always a great to see what they’re up to.  It’s especially hilarious seeing Karai on Shredder’s throne commanding Dogpound and Fishface, and she looks great doing it too!  I’m actually enjoying Shredder’s absent, and looking forward to see how the Foot Clan is becoming without him.

Mentioning commands, now that Dogpound became the more powerful Rahzar, is he still going to obey Shredder?  Or we’re going to have some interesting internal struggle thing going on?

Before we leave, let’s not forget to once again say goodbye to the cute and fluffy Dogpound, and welcome the vicious and terrifying Rahzar.



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