The Walking Dead “Live Bait” Review


The Governor returns!

It’s been a while since The Governor killed all his men back in last season’s finale, til we seen him again at the end of the previous episode.  “Live Bait” explores what he has been doing for the past few months, and why his return matters.

The episode is entirely dedicated to flashback, and has the least amount of main character appearance to date.  The Walking Dead is usually great when the episode is focused on few characters.  Episodes such as “18 Miles Out, ” “Clear” and “Prey” are the best.  However, this is not the case of “Live Bait.”  I can’t help it but feel awkward when watching the episode, and I have no idea where the episode is going towards.

It’s clear that The Governor feel disgusted with himself of what he has done.  He sits around waiting for the walkers to bit him, and he travels back to Woodburry just so he can burn everything down.  It’s an end of his kingdom and he has no where to go until he runs into the Chalmers.  This is his chance to start a new life, and that’s exactly what he does.  It’s obvious that the little girl Megan reminds him of Penny, but I didn’t see it coming that he’s going to take everyone in the apartment in as a family.  By the way, I called it that one of the Chalmers girl is going to be called Lilly.  For those of you who don’t know, Lilly is an important character from the comic/novel series, and it’s only a matter of time that she makes an appearance in the TV series.

In fact, the episode is inspired by the novel “Rise of the Governor.”  The novel shows how Philip comes to be the Governor we known and feared, and the episode has the same idea as well.  While the episode seems like a new chance for The Governor, but it’s essentially a come back.  He is no longer the Governor from before, and he needs to come back, or rise again.  My favorite scene is when The Governor is teaching Megan how to play chess.  The game of chess will keep on going as long as the king is not taken down.  The Governor will always fight back as long as he’s not dead yet.

maxresdefault (1)

The episode has us to believe that the Governor might be turning over a new leaf.  He seems to care about his new “family,” and he’s doing whatever he can to save them.  It’s a strong scene when The Governor and Megan fall into the pit and have to fight off the walkers.  This is the moment when Megan finally walks out of being sheltered from reality, and understands killing is an important process in this world.

However, everything is turned over when Martinez shows up.  All hopes of The Governor turning over a new leaf is gone, and the Governor is going to rise again.  And here I am thinking that the reason we saw the Governor by the end of the previous episode is because he wants to ask the prison to take him and others in.  How naive of me.

It’s great that we finally get to know what The Governor has been doing for the past few months, but the lack of main characters can be kind of boring.  The Governor’s journey is nothing unpredictable, and I just want it to be over with already.  Unfortunately, we have to suffer through another episode like this next week, and I’m just hoping something good will happen then.  Well, at least we don’t have to see The Governor wearing that ugly facial hair anymore..


Despite the boring parts in the episode, I’m glad to see The Governor making a return, and David Morrissey does a wonderful job performing.  Can’t wait to see what kind of threat he’s going to bring to the prison next.



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