BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 1 Review


It will have you asking for more.

Burial at Sea Episode 1 is BioShock Infinite’s first story DLC.  The story takes you back to the underwater city of Rapture, and you will once again play as Booker Dewitt.  The only difference is that this will be a different version of Booker, instead of the one you’re already familiar with in the original BioShock Infinite game.  The game is a great addition to the BioShock franchise and it’s fun and all.  My only problem?  The game is too short.  It took me about an hour and half to finish it.

The gameplay is the same as the previous BioShock games.  You go around the place killing enemies with either guns or mutational biological weapons.  Since the story takes place on New Year’s Eve of 1958, right before the fall of Rapture, I thought the game won’t have much enemies at all.  It turns out, the game will take you to a part of Rapture that’s full of Splicer already.  It’s fine, because I really miss those Splicers from the first two BioShock games anyway.

The game gives  you the opportunity to see Elizabeth under a different light.  The older and mature 50s bombshell Elizabeth is something interesting to look at, and man, is she sexy or what.  I’m in love with this version of Elizabeth right away, and I wish to see the more of her.

It’s really something different to see the Rapture before the downfall.  You get to see how these people actually live in the underwater city, and how the machines and gimmicks work.  It’s also great that the game adds some certain elements from Columbia into the combat systems.  It’s really fun to fight Big Daddy with Skyhooks and other new abilities.  Old Man Winter works great and it’s really satisfying freezing the enemies before crushing them to pieces.


It’s also great to see some familiar faces in Rapture.  Sander Cohen makes a full return in this game, and we get to see just how crazy he already is before the fall of Rapture.  Making Booker and Elizabeth dance before electrocuting them?  The guy is sick.

One way I like to play the game?  Sneak up on them and turn them my allies with Possession.  This way, my allies will lure all the Splicers in hiding out.  I always hated when those Splicers sneak up on me, and this way I won’t be as afraid.

The twist ending is great and disturbing once again.  It’s not really something you can’t see from miles away, but it’s still a shock when it’s delivered.  Once again, the game is really too short, and the ending only have you asking for more.



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