Harley Quinn #0 Review


Breaking the fourth wall has never been so fun.

I admit I have my doubts when I first heard about a Harley Quinn solo series.  Don’t get me wrong though, I love Harley Quinn, and I think she’s a great character.  I just don’t know what her solo series will be about.  Turns out, it doesn’t matter what the series is about.  Sometimes comic is comic, and you should just have fun reading it without thinking too much.

The story is simple: Harley wonders what it would be like if she has her own comic series, and the comic jumps right into the writers interacting with the character.  Harley Quinn is a great character to break the fourth wall with, and it’s almost like reading a Deadpool book.  In a good way.  The book is funny right away, and Harley and the writers’ quest to find an artist for the book starts here.

The highlight of the book is that each pages of the issue feature a different artist to portray Harley in their own lights.  We have  artists such as Jim Lee, Art Balthazar, Adam Hughes and even Walt Simonson.  It’s really an interesting concept, and even I can’t decide which art styles I like better.

The page done by new artiest Jeremy Roberts is really promising.  I’m really looking forward to more works from this guy.


The issue is fun and all, but some jokes doesn’t really work unless you’re familiar with the industry.  Despite it all, you’re still going to have fun reading it.

While the issue doesn’t really let us know what the series is about, but it does answer us what kind of tone the series is taking and I love it.  The issue ends with where the series is going next, and a promise that Harley is not breaking the fourth wall anymore.  It’s cool and all that we know where the series is going, but I don’t mind the character breaking fourth wall at all.  In fact, I’m looking forward to it.



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