One Piece Chapter 729 Review


Shichibukai Doflamingo vs. Shichibukai Law

The main focus in the chapter is the fight between Doflamingo and Law.  While both of them are Shichibukai, it’s clearly that Doflamingo has the upper hand.  I don’t understand the power balances within Shichibukai can be so different.  Hopefully this is something Oda will talk about int the future.  At the end, we have Law shot by Doflamingo.  I’m pretty sure nothing is going to happen, but it’s still a shock regardless.

The rest of the chapter is pretty much preparation works again where the Little People are ready to fight Doflamingo’s army.  It’s really boring, and nothing much came out of it.

This chapter also pretty much explains why Law saved Luffy back in the day.  He believes in the Will of D, and it’s clear that he has faith that Luffy is going to do good to the world one day.  He also mentioned someone named Cora.  While we don’t know how this Cora is, it’s possible he is the one that passed on the knowledge to Law.

It’s a better chapter than last week, but I’m still looking forward to something big actually happens.



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  1. Hi. Nice Review… I also wrote one on my blog so I wanted to see what other people thought about this chapter. It seems you firmly believe nothing will happen with Law but for some reason I think that it might. I’m really afraid for Law.

    Also, you mentioned somebody named Cora… I didn’t across that name in the scans I read. Can you link me to the one’s that mention Cora.



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