Uncanny X-Men #14 Review


Benjamin to the rescue.

The issue focuses on the new X-Men recruit, Benjamin Deeds.  He’s the one that seems passive all the time, and has the ability to turn into others next to him.  This issue gives him a new shine of light, and proves just how useful his power really is.

The issue takes place right before Kitty Pryde and the original X-Men’s arrival to the new school.  After some harsh training from Cyclops, Emma Frost decides to prove how useful Benjamin’s power really is.  Transforming into a similar looks as others around him is a great idea to relax others.  Good job writers!

There are some weird moments between Emma and Benjamin, and it seems like Emma is seducing Benjamin or something.  I think it mainly has to do with what Emma is wearing, and it feels like a strange sexual fantasy out of a school kid’s diary or something.  “Dear Diary, Ms. Frost is so hot today…”

Also, it’s cool that Marvel has another gay superhero.  By the way, the character’s code name might be Morph, and it’s a homage to the character from the classic X-Men animated series.

Welcome to the team, Benjamin Deeds.



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