Xbox One Unboxing/Report

First impression.

I just received my Xbox One in the mail.  Once again, let’s see what’s in the box and my first impression.


Oh yeah!

First off, Xbox One is really, really heavy.  So be careful when you’re carrying it.

I got the black box Day One Edition.  What it means is that I know the Xbox One is going to be cool before anyone else.



It really is a beautiful box though.

Okay, time to see what’s inside:



This is my first time having a Kinect.  Xbox One might be $100 more than PlayStation 4, but the fact that Kinect is included in the package makes everything worth it.


The headphone.  We will come back to it later.


And the controller!  I got the Day One Edition so it has writings on it.


So cool.

Most interesting thing is–


The Xbox One controller still needs batteries.  At this day at age, you think Microsoft would be up with the charging controller business already.  I have a love and hate relationship with battery controllers, so it doesn’t really bother me that much.


The remaining cables.

And here comes the big one:


Oh boy!



The Xbox One is huge!  There’s nothing special with the design appearance, but it’s cool regardless.




It’s interesting to note that other than HDMI out, Xbox One also have HDMI in as well.  This way, you can use you’re Xbox One as a cable box if you want to.

And here are some comparsion shots with PlayStation 4.






As you can tell, the Xbox One is clearly bigger than the PS4.  It’s heavier, and also steadier.  However, the PS4 might be a little longer in one dimension, but it’s still nothing compare to Xbox one.

Now time to hook it up!  And this happens again…



Anyway, this is time for me to check out other hardware.


The new headphone is really cool, and it looks really good when hooked up to the controller.


However, the new controller is kind of a disappointment.  It doesn’t feel good pressing the buttons, and for the first time ever, I think Sony does a  better job designing their controller than Microsoft.

It takes a long while to finishing updating, and I was scared that my machine might be faulty from time to time.  When the system finished updating, I managed to try some of the few gimmicks on Xbox One.  The Kinect is really cool, and it feels great to command my Xbox with my voice.  Simply a “Xbox, something, something” and it will do right away.  The accuracy is pretty good too!

I also enjoyed using my Kinect to read my QR code.  Simply put the code in front of the camera, and the Kinect will read the code right away.  No longer need to enter the long serial number manually too.  You also can set your Xbox to turn the system on automatically once the Kinect sense you in front of the TV if you want to.  I found that too annoying, but it’s truly an innovated concept.  Now I understand why Xbox One include the Kinect mandatory.  It’s really what makes the system next generation.

Not too much problem with the system, but a long installation time for the game.  My first game for the system is Dead Rising 3, and I’m going to go play it now.  Proper review will come soon.

Also, look out for PlayStation 4 review sometime next week.

Happy gaming everyone!


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