The Walking Dead “Dead Weight” Review


The rise of the Governor. 

Everything comes to a full circle.  After two weeks of “The Rise of Governor,” we’re back to where things are left off.  It’s a long journey for Philip to find what he wants to fight for, but a tiger never changes stripes.  He can be Philip or Brian all he wants, but deep down, he will always be The Governor.

The past two episodes are really bizarre to review.  They’re not bad episodes at all, but it’s hard to like them.  Maybe it’s the lack of main characters, or it’s hard to feel sympathetic for a maniac character.  Last week, we see him feeling bad for his actions, and he’s on his way towards redemption.  It’s a long journey for him, but it seems entirely possible once he found families to care about.  All hopes are lost though, once Martinez found him.

Philip has always done whatever he thinks is right for his community.  He wants to protect, and he wants to do it his own way.  He doesn’t think the current leaders of the camp are good enough to protect his family, and he wants to do something about it.  Martinez mentioned that having a family can really changed a man, and that’s the case with Philip as well.  He might seem like the same cold-blooded murderer from before, but his reasons are more relatable this time.  He’s doing this to provide his community a safer community, and he’s doing this the only way he knows how.


The point of no return is when Philip decides to kill Pete, instead of Mitch.  These two show real different styles in leadership, and it’s shown when they decide to invade the other camp or not.  While Pete’s way is peaceful, it’s Mitch’s way that Philip wants.  It seems like crossroad of destiny for him, and he chose the dark path.  The worst thing?  It doesn’t matter at all, and the community is not any safer.  The scene with Philip looking at the walker Pete in the water is like a mockery to him.  It’s like everything he works for the community means nothing, and he has to do more.

At the end, he wants the prison.  A place with fences and walls to protect his  family.  Revenge might still be at the back of his head, but that’s not the main reason anymore.  The Governor has changed, but a tiger is never to far from its stripes.

The episodes also answers some fan speculations.  The Governor has nothing to do with the rats being fed by the fence, and he definitely has no spies working on the inside of the prison.

I always like Martinez ever since he was sizing up with Daryl back in “Arrow on the Doorpost.”  His death is brutal, and the character will be missed.

One funny thing?  I didn’t know the community has a whole group of people until they came out of no where in that one scene.  I always though it’s only Martinez, the two brother, and that military lady.  Good job at throwing things out of no where, Walking Dead!

Anyway, the episode sets up of things to come for the mid-season finale.  Blood will be shed, and people are going to die.  It’s important to note that The Governor’s side has a tank, and that can only spell bad news for the prison survivors.



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