Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Target: April O’Neil” Review


Karai is making things personal.

“Target: April O’Neil” is about Karai’s grudge.  Even though she was scolded by her father, it’s not going to stop her at all.  She is going to take advantages of her father’s absent, and uses the Kraang’s technology to track down and eliminate April once and for all.

I’m loving this version of April more than ever now.  She’s not the damsel in distress portrayed in the previous versions, and she can actually put on a fight here and there.  The fan weapon she uses is really awesome too, and it’s a perfect unique weapon for the character.

If you have been reading my review, you would know that I’m actually not a big fan of this version of Casey Jones.  However, my opinion of the character has changed in the episode.  He protects April, and he holds up to his own with the Foot-Bots.  “Yo! If there’s one thing Casey Jones has… it’s crackerjack timing.” And he’s right!  He is a good fighter, and slowly becoming the Casey Jones we known from previous versions.  Good job, Casey.  Now please on the iconic hockey mask already.

There are some great moments with the Foot-Bots in this episode as well.  April’s reaction upon seeing the bots with extra arms (“Didn’t you guys used to be human?”), and how none of the bots know how to skate, but learn to do so right away.  These are all little things that make the new turtles series the best yet.

The turtles are facing some interesting plot as well.  They’re tracking down the Kraangs, and suddenly Donny received a phone call so he has to ditch the turtles for April.  We also get the introduction of Chrome Dome, another classic character from the previous series that’s re-introduced.  Also, that’s not forget Mikey’s mad shadow puppet skill- like a turtle does.

“Target: April O’Neil” is a great episode.  It features some of the best storylines, and action sequences.  Not to mention a happy ending where April finally returns to the turtles, and Donny received a kiss from her.  I love bein’ a turtle indeed.



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