The Walking Dead “Too Far Gone” Review



They did it, they finally went there.  This is something all comic fans have been waiting for since last season’s finale, but they show didn’t go there.  Instead, the show took a longer route and gives us more time to sympathize characters from each sides.  “Too Far Gone” is something out of the pages of the comic series, and it’s definitely something much better.

It’s sad to see Hershel die in the episode.  I’m not a fan of Hershel’s initially back in the comic series, but the TV version is a whole different story.  He’s wise and always delivers wonderful advice.  The heart and soul of the group.  Now with him gone, things are sure going to be different for the survivors, especially with Beth and Maggie.  He will surly be missed, and I’m glad that at least before his death, he gets to be proud of Rick.  He gets to see that Rick has really changed and willing to take the higher ground and be a bigger man with the situation.


To think that it was Tyreese who suffered the same fate as Hershel in the comic series.  Considering Tyreese is still a fairly new character that needs more time to develop, this might be a better choice.

Seeing how different Rick is now pisses off The Governor.  None of them are too far gone, but he’s not willing to accept that.  The moment Rick becomes the better man, it makes the Governor looks bad.  He has to do whatever he can to take down the prison, and the best way is to have the prison survivors shoot at them first.  That little whisper of “liar” is chilling, and it’s Hershel we go.  We have spend the past two weeks watching The Governor’s transformation to Brian, and everything comes to this.  He might not be “The Governor” anymore, but he’s definitely not “Brian.”  At the end, he’s still the monster we love to hate.  The only thing the past two episodes achieved is for us to feel sorry for this monster.  Just a little bit.

The Governor’s death is a satisfying moment unlike the comic series.  The moment Lilly is introduced, I know she’s going to be the one that killed The Governor.  However, I didn’t see it coming that almost everyone gets to have a shot with him as well.  Rick manages to throw some punches here and there, and Michonne gets to stab him and leave him to die.  At the end, Lilly is the one to finish the job.  This are all the people that deserved to kill The Governor, and I’m glad the show decides to go differently than the comic series, giving us a more satisfying ending.

Lilly has to learn that The Governor is full of shit the hard way.  She was never comfortable with his decision, and the river is never safe like he claimed.  Walkers can crossover at anytime, and the camp site can be flooded.  Meghan’s death is just a wake up call for her that The Governor doesn’t know anything, and his best interested might not to keep her and Meghan safe, but some personal vendetta with the prison people.

The war is way cooler than what we all anticipated.  Tank firing, survivors separating, and people dying… etc; this is really one of the best moments in the entire Walking Dead run.  There are some really great scenes during the chaos, and it includes Lizzie shooting Alisha in the face!  I’m always on the fence with Lizzie and her borderline psychopath, but if it means that she’s a good shot, than it’s a-okay with me.  Mentioning psychopath, what’s up with the thing that Tyreese found?  Did Lizzie do that?  Also, seeing how Daryl doesn’t believe Carol would kill either, is it possible that Lizzie and the other s kids are the actual murderers, and Carol knows somehow so she tries to cover it for them?  Maybe she even feels responsible, because she’s the one that turned them into killers with her special lessons.

Okay, so what the heck happened to Judith?  I’m all against having a baby killed I promised, but maybe this is the best way to actually get rid of her?  It’s a tough world to have a baby around, and realistically I don’t see how a baby can make it out there.  It feels like something that’s going to happen sooner or later, and things are better this way…. I think.  Now the problem is what happened to her?  Did the kids use her as a bait?  Or someone just simply put something in the chair to lure the walkers?  This is definitely that needs to be answered when the show returns.

Other than Lizzie, Daryl is once again my hero of the week.  I thought he was a goner until it’s revealed that he uses the walker as a shield.  Not to mention him throwing the grenade into the tank, and killing that annoying red neck.

“Too Far Gone” is the best episode of season 4 so far.  It’s everything we’ve been looking for, and it marks the ending of a chapter with our survivors.  Not only they lost the prison, they also lost each others.  We all know this is only the beginning of something bigger, and there will be more things to come.

Here’s to hope they find each others again.


For your convenient, I created a list below of who’s with who by the end of the episode:

  • Rick and Carl
  • Beth and Daryl
  • Maggie, Sasha and Bob
  • Glenn with a bus full of survivors
  • Tyreese with the kids
  • Michonne by herself
  • Lilly by herself
  • Tara by herself

Am I missing anyone?


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