Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Slash and Destroy” Review


Another one has fallen.

“Slash and Destroy” is once again an episode where a previously seen character mutated into another character we known from a older franchise.  This time it was Spike, Raphael’s pet turtle, mutated into Slash, a villain we known from the 1987 cartoon series.  It’s sad to see Raph missing a friend, but it does make up a great story.

Slash has a clear different design than the previous versions.  He’s bigger and has more spikes growing out of him.  The episode is about Raph not fitting in with the other turtles, and Spike/Slash wants to be a team with only the two of them.  He begins to take down turtles one by one, and collect their eye bandannas along with it.  It’s a weird trophy thing he does, and it gives us an opportunity to see the turtles without bandannas- for the first time I think.  The turtles seem extra naked without the bandannas, but it’s still cool regardless.  The turtles have actual physical differences this time, so it’s cool and easy to tell them apart without the bandannas as well.

I really though Slash is going to be an ally in this version being Raph’s pet and all, but it turns out I was wrong.  The guy couldn’t have been more evil, and he’s a straight up villain right away.  Now I see who’s going to become Tokka for the new series.  It makes more sense than having Fishface becoming Tokka anyway.

The B story of the week is hilarious.  Leo is searching for the mutagen by himself, and he comes across a little girl who has it.  He then ended up playing teatime with the little girl so he can get the mutagen back.  Hope to see that little girl again.

“Slash and Destroy” is a good episode with funny moments.  Even though Slash is one-sided and lacked characters, it’s still great to see him making his way over to the new series.



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