Earth 2 #18 Review


Batman is everywhere.

Earth 2 has always been an interesting series.  It gives DC an opportunity to explore heroes that are not as popular anymore, and puts them under the modern spotlights.  New writer Tom Taylor is great and all, and he manages to make Earth 2 more interesting than ever.  However, I can’t help it but feel that Earth 2 is quickly losing its originally purpose, and with the new Batman in town and Superman back to life, the attention is shifted to heroes we already familiar with once again.

The question runs deeper as who this new Batman really is.  Now we know that he’s not human, and he calls “Aquawoman” a Majesty full of respect and all.  He’s also willing to kill Joker cold-blooded.  There are many guesses as who this Batman really is, and I’m sure the result will be shocking.

Once again, the biggest problem of Earth 2 now is the shift of attention.  The amount of characters introduced in this world is not enough time for us to focus on months after months.  By this rate, we’re never going to see Justice Society of America formed, and we’re going to forget what some characters are doing.  For example, what happened to Green Lantern or Hawkgirl?  It’s been a while since we seen those two.  The best thing to do is either have this series to become bi-monthly, or release more character focused series such as Earth 2: Green Lantern, or Earth 2: Flash.

Overall, this is a great issue that has us asking for more.  The decision to make Batman the main character might defeat the purpose of Earth 2, but it’s still a great one regardless.  Hopefully we get to explore other characters soon, or we might forget what this series is all about, and treat it as a Batman book once again.



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  1. I don’t know, I kind of like the shift in focus of characters. I do want Green Lantern to return but this new take on Batman and Superman is interesting



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