The Superior Spider-Man #23 Review


The darkest hours.

I recently just have a new found love for The Superior Spider-Man again.  Doc Ock is definitely a more interesting Spider-Man than Peter Parker, and I really like his methods of being a superhero.  Henchmen, secret headquarter, and Spider-Bots…etc, these are all things that Peter Parker can never achieve, or not willing to.  Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not saying he’s better, I’m just saying he’s more interesting.  However, my problem with this series has always been too many plotlines happening at the same time, and this issue is no exception.

A lot of things happened in the issue.  We see Spider-Man going up against Venom, Aunt May recovering, an awkward dinner where Aunt May questions Anna Marie’s height, and most importantly, the setups of upcoming Goblin event in February.  While I’m a big fan of dramas, I can’t help it but feel distracted.  Too many plots, none of them actually dealt with.  I would really like the see an issue where Aunt May grows to like Anna Marie, or an issue that only deals with the Venom problem.

It’s interesting to see Otto trying to deal with the whole Flash Thomson situation.  He forgot who Flash is, and suddenly everything is suspicious.  Not to mention the end of the issue has Venom prosessing Spider-Man again and forms The Superior Venom.  It would be a nightmare for Peter Parker, but for the power hungry Otta, it might be the perfect addition to make him even more superior.

Overall, the stories need to be more spread out than this, and the issue can be so much better.



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