Batman #26 Review


Corruption is everywhere!

Batman’s Zero Year continues to add new elements into the Batman mythos.  A lot of things happened in this chapter, and things might get carried away from time to time.  But overall, this is still a great issue that gives a new look of Batman’s past.

So are we supposed to believe that even Gordon can be corrupted?  I don’t believe that.  Watch, it’s going to be some cheesy explanation where he wears the coat to remind him all the corruptions he needs to rid in Gotham City.  I believe in Gordon.

Dr. Death is a wonderful addition to the series, and Capullo’s art really shines in the chapter.  He manages to really empathizes on the bone growing out of the character, and he makes the character really, really gross.  It’s really cringe worthy.

Meanwhile, it’s interesting to see where  Dark City is going.  The Riddler is the one behind the blackout, but he’s not the main threat yet.  He’s just kind of lurking at the back, planning on god knows what.  Again, Snyder has too much to tell for the story, and I’m really hoping things can just move forward already.  This is still a great issue regardless.



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